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Senior couple hugging

Together Forever

Your life as a couple should be remembered and cherished.  Let Owatonna Granite and Monument help to tell your story.  We can work with you on the preplanning, the design and wording of your memorial.  When you preplan, you can set a budget and reduce the stress for loved ones. 

Couple Memorial.gif

A Legacy for Generations

We should create our legacy memorial that we want our family to remember forever. With a beautiful monument, everyone can see that your love is eternal and lasts throughout time, even after death. Your children, grandchildren, and other generations will be able to come and see your memorial.

Couple Memorial 3.gif

Celebrate your life

Express your love for your spouse by choosing to have a couple's memorial for your burial or cremation. Owatonna Granite & Monument can engrave quotes or poems that have special meaning to you, as well as pictures that symbolize you as a couple.

It is imporant to permanently inscribe  the celebrations in stone.  

Couple Memorial 2.jpg

Peace of Mind

Even if you are both still young and healthy, choosing a memorial ahead of time is a great idea.  By going through your options early you can jointly design a memorial that truly reflects your wishes.  You will also have the peace of mind knowing that this has been taken care of before anything unfortunate should happen.

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