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Why Preplan Your Memorial...

A memorial should be a joint decision.

Since sharing your lives together has been so important to you, purchasing a memorial together will likely be important to you as well. Additionally, you may decide you want to include other family members in the decision making process (many couples and families talk about planning their memorials).


Complete your estate planning.

In order to fully complete your estate planning, your memorial should absolutely be included. This will spare your spouse and/or family the responsibility of selecting and purchasing your memorial. This can ease their grief and stress during a difficult time.


The choice will reflect your wishes.

A personalized memorial reflects your life, style, and everything that's important to you. When you choose your memorial, you have the opportunity to share your values and beliefs in a lasting and meaningful way.


Your family won't be left guessing.

Many families dislike the pressure they feel when trying to choose a memorial that represents what your wishes may have been. Choosing it yourself eliminates this burden.


Your insurance will fulfill its intended purpose.

When you purchase your memorial now with finance through your current income, the cost is hardly detected. This allows your estate and insurance to be used to provide for your loved ones.


The decision won't have to be made at an emotional time.

It is difficult to make important decisions during times of grief. By purchasing your memorial now, your family will have one less decision to make in their time of loss. This can reduce their stress at the most difficult time and you will be assured of a quality monument at a fair price, fully backed by a Full Perpetual Warranty.


The future cannot be predicted. Financial troubles can delay memorial purchases, sometimes indefinitely, and disagreements can have the same effect. Pre-purchase is reliable protection against these uncertainties - your guarantee that your memorial will happen as you want it. This gives you and your family peace of mind.

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