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Garden Cremation

Create a place to remember

With each year, the number of cremations has been increasing. Many people don't choose to have a monument in the cemetery with cremations. However, as with burials, you can choose to have a memorial to commemorate your loved ones. It is important to permanently inscribe the celebrations in stone.  We should create our legacy memorial that we want our family to remember forever.


A memorial is a nice way to get everyone together to remember the good times with the deceased.

Memorialize your loved ones for eternity

Because memorials are a popular alternative to monuments for both cremations and burials, it is a perfect way to let your loved ones leave a mark on the world. It can be anything from a birdbath, granite lamp, or a bench in the park. It can even be as simple as a boulder placed in the park!


By getting creative with your memorials, you can memorialize your family in creative and unique ways.

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